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Our Favorite Moments at Kule | behind the scenesJul 20, 2017


We have had quite the time with Kule these past five weeks. From deliveries to exploring NYC to photoshoots for the fall collection, stripes never left our side. Here are some of our favorite moments.


Twinning in the MoMA




Barefoot & happy


Feelin’ livin’ dancin’ vibin’

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Keeping it Kule in Central Park


Getting to know Mei Tao and her fabulous team


Learning to live boldly at Prinkshop


Making a friend on the swings (and she was in stripes, too!)


Fourth of July in the office :D




Delivery for F.E. Castleberry


Enjoying a light appetizer in the elevator with F.E. Castleberry


Sippin’ with F.E. Castleberry

Thanks for following us on O’ Boy and for tuning into our adventures with Kule. Keep following along—Kule has so much in store! And always remember: Life is better in stripes. 

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You See a Girl, I See the Future | behind the scenesJun 30, 2017


Here’s a peek into some of the adventures that we had this week.

On the run with some Kule fabrics


This week, we created photographic content for Kule’s Instagram, the blog, and an email blast. We also kept track of samples and made deliveries to Kule’s showroom and PR office. Occasionally throughout the week, we accompanied Nikki to her meetings to see the production side of the company and hear about her future projects.


En route with a delivery

We joined Nikki while she met with Pamela Bell, founder of Prinkshop, in her headquarters on the Lower East Side. Prinkshop makes products that advocate for a cause. These products include shirts, totes, notebooks, and other accessories.

It all started when Pamela saw her daughter wearing a Madewell t-shirt with St. Tropez written across the fabric. She thought, “You have never been to St. Tropez and you most likely won’t be there soon.” She knew words like those didn’t have significant meaning, so she came up with an idea: why not create product with words that matter?

Thus, Prinkshop began.


Welcome to Prinkshop!


With each purchase, a portion of the profit goes to a specific organization. These include campaigns that speak out about gun violence, abortion rights, and misogyny such as Everytown, Lady Parts Justice, and Girl Up. Cara Delevingne recently partnered with prinkshop to create the “You See a Girl, I See the Future” slogan, which has been incredibly popular. With every purchase of this tee or tote, 50% of profit sales are donated to Girl Up—a campaign partnered with the United Nations that empowers girls around the world.


Prinkshop’s rad designs

Version 2

IMG_5229To create each product, Pamela uses silkscreen printing. This process is simple. After placing a screen over the desired area, she floods the screen with paint and allows it to pour through the silkscreen and onto the fabric. Pamela has a variety of phrases, designs, and colors to choose from—and the outcome of each product is one-of-a-kind.

IMG_3009 (1)

Pamela showing us the ropes on silkscreening


Prinkshop’s paint… so many vibrant colors!


Considering the state of political unrest in our country, it could not be more important to produce social advocacy products. Pamela is an artist and an advocate. Her creativity inspires others to stand up for and support causes that change this world for the better.

Stay tuned for some radical Kule tees sporting Prinkshop’s screen prints— you’re going to love ‘em.


Libby & Nikki loving their visit


The Prinkshop HQ


Notice “kale(ing) me softly” on the table cloth!


Two of Pamela’s designs overlayed


Two tees that speak out about the wage gap and beautiful imperfection. We love Prinkshop!

A-MEI-zing | behind the scenesJun 26, 2017

It’s getting Kule in here.

Kule shoots their product four times a year. Last Friday, we were lucky enough to work at Kule’s product shoot for the fall season! This day required weeks of prior organization. Nikki, the photographer, the assistants, the stylists, the models, and the interns worked hard to prepare for an exciting day.

FullSizeRender 9

The day began at 7:30 AM. We arrived on location with bundles of Kule clothing and accessories (but not enough hangers!). As we walked to our studio room, we passed brands that were shooting their product too, including Kate Spade, Lands’ End, Ann Taylor, and Clinique. Once we arrived at Kule’s space, we hung up the fall pieces, set up the accessory table, and organized each shot look in order. Soon enough, the rest of the team arrived.

Nikki works with photographer Mei Tao, who is a creative genius. Mei has such a fabulous personality; she is spunky, confident and fearless with a rare eye for photography. When we first discovered Mei over Instagram, we really admired her work, especially her personal series of suburban life which you can find on her website. After meeting her in person and seeing how she worked first-hand, we knew we were in the presence of a revolutionary woman. She makes everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, and her passion for photography is so apparent. Along with Mei, Summer Tran and Amy Chin came to the shoot. Summer is a hair stylist and Amy is a makeup stylist. Each of them did an incredible job making everyone look beautiful.


The amazing Mei Tao

With Reddi Wip, New York pretzels, and coffee cups at the ready, the shooting began. Mei and her team dove into their creative project and we felt so lucky to witness it.

The team’s method of hydration: kule-aid


Kule’s stunning model getting ready for her next look

IMG_1544 (1)

Katherine Kjerland a.k.a Granny KK: A fashion icon and Kule girl

We even had the chance to get in a few shots. We not only felt honored to be photographed by Mei, but noticed how natural it was for her to shoot sisters. Her personal photography series explores the adolescent journey of two sisters over a span of 11 years—so Mei knew exactly how to position us and capture our twin relationship. Mei’s work serves the adage that every photograph has a story to tell.

FullSizeRender 3Everyone ended the day in high spirits. Kule’s fall collection is going to kill it. We can’t wait for you to see it! Stay tuned.

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