Wes Anderson | InfluencersApr 24, 2014

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Wes Anderson. I absolutely love this guy’s quirkiness and get such a kick out of whatever he creates. The art direction in his movies really connects me to my childhood and brings me back to the 70′s – a time period which also heavily inspires my clothing design. Wes Anderson is not afraid to be different and get people laughing, curious and wondering what is actually normal. Let’s admit it, we all have a little Wes Anderson in us. It’s just a matter of letting it loose. Now let’s whip out our sweatbands and red beanies. And need I elaborate on how he inspires me? I saw those nameplates and needed one for my fave jackets, Magnus and Roxbury.



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Mom and Dad | InfluencersApr 22, 2014

My parents have always inspired me and supported my fashion endeavors. They’ve even been fascilitating my striped shirt addiction since I was a kid. I remember them bringing one home for me from their trip to Portofino – instant love. Maybe that’s how it all began! They themselves were in the fashion industry (my dad started a company called Happy Legs) so they totally get it.

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Kule Photo Shootin’ | behind the scenesApr 20, 2014

We love having fun at our photos shoots and playing around with props, compositions and of course, Kule gear. This photo was heavily inspired by Wes Anderson – you starting to see the obsession? We threw in the Double Lion’s Head Bracelet, some classic literature, one of my fave flowers and the Roxbury Trench. And we just can’t get enough of our new mascot, the Kule Chick! Isn’t he adorable?!

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