Kule Beginnings | behind the scenesJun 09, 2017


Hey there Kule lovers!

Our names are Annabel and Libby and we are taking over Kule’s blog for the month, as well as interning in the Kule office and exploring the streets of New York City. Our twinternship will be full of striped tees, deliveries, and sweet memories. We’re so excited to get started and share our experiences with you here on O’ Boy!


Photo taken by Can Ahtam

As twins, we are naturally similar but also incredibly distinct in personality and style. Annabel, the oldest, is a bit more chic, classy, and elegant with a hip twist on the reg. You can find her wearing ripped jeans paired with heels, gold hoops, and a pink scrunchie that pulls her hair into a high ponytail. Think 60’s Jane Birkin.


Flashback to the past with this 60′s couch

Libby, three minutes younger than Annabel, is hip, edgy and regularly gives off California vibes. She loves her high platform Tevas and her ripped-up Vans that she reconstructed with gold tape. Her eyes are dabbed in sparkly pink and gold eye shadow 24/7, and she always has her patched jean jacket and white fur vest nearby.

Incidences, coincidences, encounters, serendipities, surprises, accidents… Just flow with it.

Both of our styles are multi-layered and always changing. But no matter where we are, we embrace messy hair and sun-kissed skin, natural freckles and flaws. Authenticity is what we strive for. We encourage you to flaunt your own personal style, wear whatever you want however you want, and never be afraid to mix, match and add a few stripes.


Libs’ Tevas rock that Kule stripe look

This next month with Kule has so much in store. Look out for more posts both on the blog and social media (Instagram, Snapchat [kulestripes], and Pinterest).

Follow us on Instagram—Libby and Annabel.

We hope to see you out and about in the city!


Let’s cruise

Kule stripes in Havana | kule styledJul 07, 2016

Kamyl Bullaudy Rodriguez wearing The Mister Kule stripe tee photographed by Mei Tao in his studio in Havana


Kamyl Bullaudy Rodriguez photographed by Mei Tao in his studio in Havana


Kamal Bullaudy Rodriguez wearing The Mister Kule Stripe tee photographed by Mei Tao in his studio in Havana

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 8.06.57 PM

Chicken by Kamyl Bullaudy Rodriguez


Justice Joslin wearing Kule men’s stripe tee photographed by Mei Tao in Havana

My dear friend and official Kule photographer, Mei Tao, recently went on a trip to Havana, Cuba. She went there for work and to take pictures using the colorful and historic backdrop of Havana. When she retuned she told me she discovered the artist, Kamyl Bullaudy Rodriguez, while painting in his studio. His doors were open, the light was perfect, and his studio contained a treasure trove of a man’s life’s work. She spoke with him and fell in love with his personality and his paintings. She offered him a Kule men’s stripe shirt in return for a photo of him in his colorful work space. He was thrilled and grateful. Mei ended up purchasing a few of his artworks to take back to New York. This is the beauty of travel, to discover and meet interesting people around the world and sometimes magical moments like these happen.


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Taylor Tomasi Hill | InfluencersFeb 16, 2016
New York Fashion Week street style

Taylor Tomasi Hill NYFW 2016 WWD

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.35.27 PM

Taylor Tomasi Hill NYFW 2016 via Style Du Monde

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 2.39.34 PM

Taylor Tomasi Hill wearing Kule in Paris Couture 2016

KULE Lars Scarf

KULE Lars Scarf

Taylor Tomasi Hill has always been one of our favorite street style influencers. This season she has been sporting our Kule stripe Lars scarf on the streets Paris and New York. The combination of her red hair and the poppy red stripe from the scarf is mesmerizing. We can’t wait to see what she wears next. Taylor nails it every time!

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