Stripes on Stripes | behind the scenesJun 12, 2017

O’ Hey,  Annabel here!

Libby and I have arrived in New York City with fresh eyes for what this concrete jungle has to offer. As we stroll the streets of Manhattan, we sport Kule all over — wearing three different Kule shirts at once. Nikki Kule is a fashion design genius when it comes to stripes. Stripes are a classic aesthetic. When you look close enough, they are everywhere. Stripes divide concrete roads, paint subway tracks, and, of course, ride on our shirt fabric. They are built into our everyday.

Look closely and count all of the stripes you can see

Look closely and count all of the stripes you can see


This first week in NYC has brought many surprises. During our first day on the internship, we spotted A$AP Rocky while heading to the Subway. He was filming a music video for his song “Magnolia.” I’m pretty positive he winked at Libby after she yelled out to him “You’re hot!” A$AP would totally rock a Kule tee. If only one of us had a shirt under our arm that we could have tossed to him while he danced on a construction site.

IMG_9855 (1)

Taken by our tripod friend

After just one week, I am already falling in love with this city. New York is full of people — actors, musicians, designers, entrepreneurs, dog-lovers, hippies, martial artists, food lovers. The list is endless. And that’s what makes this city so beautiful — the diversity of who you walk by on the sidewalk and sit next to on the Subway. There is so much to feel excited about. No matter where I go or who I meet or what I do during these next few weeks, I know one thing for sure: I’ll be wearing stripes to lead me in the right direction.




Heading uptown with a delivery



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