Stripes are always a good idea | kule styledDec 17, 2015

Stripes have always been my go to item for a cool,  casual,  and put together look.  When I am rushed to get ready in the morning,  I always reach for a stripe and it never fails me. When worn with classics like a motorcyle Jacket or a trench coat,  and denim is when it is truly timeless look.  My wardrobe mantra,  stripes are always a good idea.


KULE photographed by Mei Tao


KULE Photographed By Mei Tao


Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 4.40.02 PM

APC Trench Coat, Celine Sneakers, KULE Stripe Tee, Re-Done Jeans, Schott Moto Jacket, KULE Fur Scarf

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